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Lyrebird Mountains Fine Art Print

The iconic Superb Lyrebird, Menura novaehollandiae is a master of mimicry able to imitate any sound it hears.

Its spectacular plumage when spread out in display resembles the ancient Greek musical instrument, the lyre for which it is named.

This male is perched amongst ferns and foliage with the dramatic Blue Mountains in the distance.


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This Lyrebird Mountains fine art giclee print comes unframed and are made to order.

Choose your design and size and we’ll get your high quality print to you ASAP.


Our 300gsm archival watercolour paper gives the prints a textured painterly effect and a real sense of quality.

Mould made, each 100% cotton sheet is produced chlorine and acid free. They are PH neutral which ensures longevity, and guarantees to retain vivid colours for longer.

This fine art print is also available as a greeting card in A6 format

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A6 Greeting Card, A5, A4, A3


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