Our paper

The cardstock we use for our greeting cards is ecoStar+ 350gsm artboard.

It is a bright white environmentally responsible paper made carbon neutral and is FSC Recycled certified.

ecoStar+ is manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled fibre in a process chlorine free environment under the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Our Printers

Our printers are environmentally aware and have refined their practices to reduce their impact on the environment.

They use vegetable based inks in the off set printing process, promote the use of responsible accredited paper and are fully solar powered.

Our Envelopes

An Australian made, non-bleached, chlorine free envelope with a natural raw look, 100% post-consumer recycled and biodegradable.

Our Botany envelopes are not only beautiful, they also have excellent environmental credentials.

Plastic Free Packaging

We are now using compostable, plastic free packaging for our wholesale customers. Our clear cellulose sleeves for our greeting cards are certified for home composting as they are made from plants.

Our shipping boxes are also biodegradable.